Sunday, 29 July 2012

S Voice On Galaxy Mini

i've got working S Voice on SGM, Cm10 Jelly Bean TheWhisp and Rohan007,
thanks to them for fixing the voice search etc.

Even though we didn't get fully working google now voice search, but we still have s voice
thanks to Wanam for S Voice for non S3 device

if you want S Voice on your device, you must delete some of the applications which is you think not really important to you, then you can have it :)

for more information refer to this thread SVoice

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Galaxy Mini CM9 GalaxyICS

HEY GUYSSS!!! i've already ported the new CM9 Beta 9 GALAXY ICS to Galaxy Mini and it works, and the camera is working but no button to snap shot and no menu for camera. i will not release the update or anything without permission from Maclaw & Marcin and GalaxyICS Team,

so this is the preview of CM9 Galaxy Mini Camera

Thank You

Saturday, 14 July 2012



camera is now working but no camera preview and no button for taking photo, and sometimes got camera error "can't connect to the camera"

this is a thread from XDA Developer; AntiBillOS ( THANKS TO HIM )


refer to this thread for more information ICS Camera App


Thursday, 5 July 2012

MiniSIII V2 Error Fix

Hye guys, this is the edited version of MiniSIIIV2 based on GalaxyICS CM9 Nightly ROM, and thanks for Mr.Faridcom and friends for the error fix for Galaxy Mini/Fit.

-removed some apps that i think i might not need it for now :D
( for more free space in system )
-added Trebuchet Launcher (CM9 Official Launcher)
-ICS Bootanimation

Download MiniSIIIV2FixError

thanks to Safariking for MiniSIIIV2
and thanks for the error fix by Mr.Faridcom and friends

p/s i'm trying to create a new post on XDA Forum, but they won't allow me, i already had the account for a long time but i am not active on it, so that's the problem. Help me maybe?

Check this websites for more information

if you don't like the Samsung Touchwiz/Trebuchet Launcher, just delete any one of it :)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Country Weather LockScreen

Credit to Sygex for the Weather Widget, 


Howto Install :
                       [same method for installing live wallpaper]

left is the combination of lockscreen weather from cydia,
right is the actual weather widget without lockscreen weather

London,United Kingdom

left is the combination of lockscreen weather from cydia,
right is the actual weather widget without lockscreen weather

left is the combination of lockscreen weather from cydia,
right is the actual weather widget without lockscreen weather

others, will be update by request :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich CM9

CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich on Galaxy Mini S5570

Install CWM(Clockworkmod) using Odin Multi Downloader

Files you might need to install CWM [boot your phone to downloading mode]

OPS File for Select OPS
Recovery for Select Integrated Package - Check One Package Option
Odin Multi Downloader for Install CWM

Download CM9 Beta 7 file from (no mirror file)

choose Download, choose your Phone Model, choose Releases then download the CM9 file; Beta 4 or Beta 7

Move downloaded file CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich to SDCard and
reboot to recovery mod (CWM) ---> by pressing Power Button and Home Button at the same time
phone will entering CWM [cannot use touchscreen at this time, use volume rocker up and down to select]
choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset, then select Yes
choose Wipe Cache Partition, then select Yes

now choose/install zip from SDCard, select CM9 file and install it.
lastly, select Reboot.

 Screenshots from CM9 ICS Beta 4,

p/s camera is still not working, but Team Galaxyics still working hard for the camera

for Beta 7 the Icon Title for shortcut is halfcut, but when you rotate the screen it will be normal

Thanks for Team Galaxyics

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich Boot Animation Live Wallpaper for iPhone

Live Wallpaper for iPhone

How to Install :
1st Jailbreak you iPhone,
Download iFile [it will cost you] ,from Cydia

Now download  ----> ICSLiveWallpaper
Extracted ICSWallpaper.theme[.zip file]

1st step
Easiest Method without SSH

 send the file to your email account and download it, then open in "iFile"

2nd step
and it will direct you to the iFile application, choose nothing from the option [cancel]


3rd step
click on "Edit" , choose the ICSLiveWallpaper, click on the lower right icon and "Copy/Link",

4th step
 now go to private/var/stash/Theme.(whatevernumberitis), click on "Edit", click on lower right icon and "Paste" and "Done"

Close iFile, open Winterboard, choose ICSLiveWallpaper and Respring.

 sorry about the quality

p/s it will drain your battery, but just for fun, try it :)
i like to drain my battery life faster :P